Smokin Brothers “72”


Product Description

Family Reunion Grills

These grills aren’t just for your average griller!  The Family Reunion grills are for the person that needs to cook for the masses.  They are specifically designed for restaurants, caterers, and charity events.  The Family Reunion grills will cook amazing and consistent meals without hurting your pocket book in grill costs.  Below is our first additions to the grill line.

The Premier model “72” was designed for commercial cooking on a budget.  It doubles the size of our popular Premier “36” without using another burner.  The Premier “72” is double wall insulated, automatic temperature control, and easy access to half of the grill without losing heat to the other half.  This grill is for the restaurant, small caterer, or grill enthusiast with a large family.

 Cooking Surface: 1952 sq. inches

 Weight 310 lbs



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