Fireplace Enclosures

Thermo-Rite Fireplace Door Features
  Lifetime Warranty…
Glass is guaranteed for lifeTempered Bronze Glass…
Shows fire but not the messNo Tarnish Frame…
Never Needs PolishingWide Selection…
Many styles and finishes for your decorating taste
Three Ways Glass Doors Save Energy
Thermo-Rite glass doors insulate the fireplace when the fireplace is not in use by providing a “dead air” space between the closed damper and closed fireplace glass doors.After you are done enjoying the fire you can immediately close the Thermo-Rite fireplace doors and restrict the heat loss up the chimney and continue to radiate heat into the room.






Anodized Aluminum Enclosures For Masonry Fireplaces

The Decor is an anodized aluminum enclosure with 2 3/4″ top and side panels, and a 11/16″ bottom panel.

• Fast and Easy To Install Using Just 4 Screws
• Full Frame Construction Assures Precise Door Alignment
• Doors Open and Close Effortlessly
• Bi fold Track or Full Swing Doors

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[image title=”Polish & Silver” alt=”Polish & Silver”][/image]
[image title=”All Polish” alt=”All Polish”][/image]
[image title=”Polish & Satin” alt=”Polish & Satin”][/image]
[image title=”Hammered Black” alt=”Hammered Black”][/image]
[image title=”Black & Polish” alt=”Black & Polish”][/image]
[image title=”Black Stock” alt=”Black Stock”][/image]

HERITAGE Welded Steel

The Heritage is Thermo-Rite’s first welded steel frame enclosure. The frame is made out of 1/4″ x 2 1/2″ on 1-3/4″ steel plate. The doors feature Thermo-Rite’s rugged self aligning hinges in CV2 or FS2 design.

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