Fireplace Mantels

Forshaw MantelsIn the years since 1871, Forshaw has established a national reputation for quality, dependability and service after the sale. Our experienced craftsmen employ only the finest materials to produce beautiful wood mantels that consumers have treasured for years in their homes. Working with oak, poplar and cherry woods, Forshaw offers a vast array of designs that will complement and enhance any decorating scheme. Wouldn’t you really rather have a handmade heirloom to finish your fireplace?

[fancy_images width=”210″]
[image title=”The Lexington Mantel” alt=”The Lexington” link_to=””][/image]
[image title=”The Litchfield Mantel” alt=”The Litchfield” link_to=””][/image]
[image title=”The Windsor Mantel” alt=”The Windsor” link_to=””][/image]

[one_third]The Lexington[/one_third]

[one_third]The Litchfield[/one_third]

[one_third_last]The Windsor[/one_third_last]

Grand Mantel

[fancy_images width=”320″]
[image title=”Luxury Series Mantel” alt=”Grande “A” Mantel” link_to=””][/image]
[image title=”Artisan Bookcase Mantel” alt=”Artisan Bookcase Mantel” link_to=””][/image]

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