Hot Tub Accessories

Enhance your Spa or Hot Tub

Cedar Ladder Step
Dress up the appearance of your hot tub with a cedar ladder step.
Adaptable for Curved/Straight cabinets *23″w x 14″h x 21″d
Cedar Step
These carefully constructed cedar steps are as beautiful as they are functional.
*27″w x 14″h x 25″d
Premium Cedar Step
A perfect match to the cedar cabinet. These premium cedar steps make it easier to get in and out of your hot tub.
PermaWood™ Step
Available to match our PermaWood™ cabinets. These steps won’t rot, splinter or warp.
*28″w x 15″h x 25″d (curved)
*28″w x 15″h x 21″d (Straight)
Premium Spa Covers
The best in quality and durability.  4” to 2” taper, locking straps, longer skirt.
Cover Lifter
Make it easier to get into your
hot tub with a cover lifter!
Available for Curved or Straight
sided tubs.
Cedar Shelves
Showcase the beauty of your
hot tub with Cedar shelving.
*46″L x 9″ D (curved)
*28″ L x 11″ D (straight)
PermaWood™ Shelves
Available to match our PermaWood™ cabinets.  These shelves won’t rot, splinter or warp.
*28″ L x 9″ D (curved)
*28″ L x 11″ D (straight
Ozone Water Purifier
Repeatedly proven to purify and sanitize spa water faster and more effectively than traditional chemical methods.
LED Lighting
Change the mood of your spa at the push of a button by easily installing a led light.
* dimensions are approximate
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Shell Color Options

The actual color varies based on the capability of your monitor.

Nordic has the best in quality and durability.  4” to 2” taper, locking straps, longer skirt.


  • Backing 100% Polyester
  • Contents: 100% Virgin Vinyl
  • U.V. Stabilized Pigments
  • Cold Crack: -10 degrees F.
  • Weight: 28 ounce/linear yd.
  • Mildew Antimicrobial Treated
  • Clean with mild soap and water

RESISTANCE TO: Ultra Violet Light, Oil, Mildew, Bromine & Chlorine.


charcoal teal navy
Charcoal Teal Navy
walnut black oyster
Walnut Black Oyster
blue lightgrey forest
Blue Light Grey Forest
port nugget teak
Port Nugget Teak


  1. Marine Grade Vinyl – Tough and resilient, 100% polyester backing, mildew treated face and back.
  2. Tough Mesh Bottom – 10 ounce strand-coated polyester mesh with a 9×9 weave for superior strength.
  3. Commercial Quality Zipper – Heavy-duty 45 nylon zipper chain and aluminum pulls.
  4. Locking Buckles – Acetal locking buckles keep the cover on until you turn the key.
  5. BuckleHeat-Saving Seals – High density polyurethane foam moisture seals at folds to prevent heat loss.
  6. Sturdy, Reinforced Handles – Triple folded reinforced vinyl backed up with double-stiched seams for the sturdiest of handles.
  7. Triple Strength Straps – Triple folded reinforced vinyl double-sewn seams.
  8. Marine Grade Thread – Marine grade polyester thread is used on all Castle Covers.
  9. Insulating Polystyrene Core – Our expanded polystyrene has top-rated insulation properties and is available in three density choices and two thicknesses. The foam core’s tapered design keeps rainwater off the spa cover.
  10. Easy-off coverDurable Reinforced Hinge – The aluminum channel reinforcement at the cover hinge adds strength and durability.
  11. 5 mil Moisture Barrier – The 5 mil thick tri-extruded plastic wrap prevents moisture form reaching the foam core.
  12. Rugged Reinforced Stiching – adds durability.
  13. Easy Care – A little soap and water does it.
  14. 2 Year Warranty – Our warranty guarantees unconditional product performance for two years from date of purchase on both materials and workmanship. (one year for inner foam core: see warranty form for details.)
  15. Designer Colors – Castle Covers come in a wide variety of colors.
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Cabinet Color Options

nordic-hot-tub-cabinet-color-charcoal nordic-hot-tub-cabinet-color-teak nordic-hot-tub-cabinet-color-woodgrain-horiz nordic-hot-tub-cabinet-mahogany nordic-hot-tub-cabinet-color-pecan
Charcoal Teak Cedar Mahogany Pecan

Note: Not all shell colors are available in every model.
The colors displayed on your screen will vary based on the capabilities of your computer’s display.

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