Algae Products

BioGuard® Algae Products

BioGuard has products to kill, prevent and control algae infestations. Use them to avoid murky water, increased chlorine demand and clogged filters. Let Heritage Fireplace Showroom recommend the product that best suits your pool situation.

Algae All 60® 

This non-foaming, non-staining formula works in chlorinated or brominated pools to inhibit stubborn algae growths.


Back Up2® 

One of BioGuard’s most popular algae preventatives. Works well in chlorinated and brominated pools. A powerful surfactant/wetting agent makes Back Up able to work in tiny cracks and crevices where algae start.



Banish is a fast-acting, highly effective, patented, non-foaming algicide that produces results in 24 hours! It kills all types of algae in swimming pools.


Optimizer Plus® 

Optimizer Plus is a valuable addition to any of the BioGuard Pool Care Systems. It works in chlorinated, brominated or biguanide treated pools to suppress algae growth. (Not available in California.)



Spot Kill 

Use Spot Kill to kill unsightly algae growth quickly. High solubility makes it compatible for most pool surfaces.


Spot Kill WP 

For white plaster pools only! Spot Kill WP is especially effective on black algae growth.

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