Pool Care Systems

care-badgesEach BioGuard® Care System has three important parts that help you maintain crystal blue sparkling water.

  • A sanitizer to kill bacteria
  • A shock to destroy contaminants
  • A preventative algaecide to stop algae before it starts

Products that are part of the “BioGuard Care System” will have the “BioGuard Care System” badge. All other products will have a “when to use” badge, such as “As Needed” or “Test and Add.”

img_poolCareProgramsExplore Your BioGuard Care System

Click the system below that most fits your needs to learn more:

  • 3-Step
    Great for busy pools of any size or surface type
  • Once-A-Week 3-Step
    A convenient and flexible system that takes only minutes per week to maintain.
  • Mineral Springs®
    It’s mineral-based for an experience that’s unlike any other swimming experience you have ever had.

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