BioGuard® Sanitizers

Sanitizers are the main ingredient of basic pool maintenance.  They keep pool water clear and protected from bacteria and each BioGuard pool care program is based on a sanitizer to provide this important protection.

Silk Tabs® & Silk Sticks®

Unlike traditional chlorine, Silk products contain SilkGuard®, a unique additive that attaches itself to hard water components and metal surfaces, protecting against corrosion and staining.


Silk Smart Sticks®

Silk Smart Sticks are unique because when the pump is turned off, the erosion rate also slows down! That means Silk Smart Sticks last nearly twice as long in your skimmer as ordinary chlorinating sticks or tablets.


Power Chlor™

Power Chlor is a patented, easy-to-use, multi-functional sanitizer and shock and an excellent alternative to granular calcium hypochlorite products. It needs no pre-dissolving, will not cloud the water and contains a filtration enhancer and clarifier for crystal clear water.


Brominating Tablets

Brominating tablets are an ideal sanitizer for indoor pools but highly effective for outdoor pools as well. It provides continuous treatment when applied through a brominator.


Super Soluble

Super Soluble chlorinating granules are quick dissolving, leaving no residue. They sanitize and oxidize without upsetting pH balance or making water cloudy. Super Soluble is an excellent choice for sanitizing small, above-ground pools and in-ground vinyl-lined pools.

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