Heritage Fireplace Showroom offers two great solutions to your outdoor grilling needs.  We sell both The Holland Grill and the Big Green Egg.  You’ll not find better quality electric, gas, or charcoal grills to satisfy any “outdoor chef”.  Just take a closer look below at the models available.

[fancy_images width=”135″]
[image title=”Apex Body Only (BH421SS5NGB)” alt=”Apex Body Only (BH421SS5NGB)” link_to=””][/image]
[image title=”Infrared SearMate (BHA136SU1)” alt=”Infrared SearMate (BHA136SU1)” link_to=””][/image]
[image title=”The Companion” alt=”The Companion” link_to=””][/image]
[image title=”Apex BH421SS5″ alt=”Apex BH421SS5″ link_to=””][/image]
[image title=”Epic BH421AG4″ alt=”Epic BH421AG4″ link_to=””][/image]
[image title=”The Patriot–Charcoal by Holland” alt=”The Patriot–Charcoal by Holland” link_to=””][/image]
[image title=”The Maverick (BH421AG6)” alt=”The Maverick (BH421AG6)” link_to=””][/image]
[image title=”The Wrangler (BH421AG7)” alt=”The Wrangler (BH421AG7)” link_to=””][/image]

[fancy_images width=”115″ height=”200″]
[image title=”XLarge Egg” alt=”XLarge Egg” link_to=””][/image]
[image title=”Large Egg” alt=”Large Egg” link_to=””][/image]
[image title=”Medium Egg” alt=”Medium Egg” link_to=””][/image]
[image title=”Small Egg” alt=”Small Egg” link_to=””][/image]
[image title=”Mini Egg” alt=”Mini Egg” link_to=””][/image]

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